Friday 30 January 2015

My 5 Minute Beehive Tutorial!

Aloha, gorgeous! So, guessing by the title you've come here for a 5 minute beehive tutorial? Well... That is certainly what you'll get! And no, this isn't one of those says-5-minutes-actually-takes-20-tutorial, this genuinely does take 5 minutes... Well at least when you know what you're doing it does! I'd like to say this is probably one of my (very few) signature styles and I've been rocking it for at least a year. Seeing as I have very frizz-prone hair, I love a good secure up-do and I love it even more when I can do it half-awake at far too early in the morning in a matter of minutes before work! Although it is super easy and quick, it often provokes "It must take you AGES to do your hair in the morning!!"and "Do you do your own hair!?" (No, I have a team of expertly trained stylists waiting by my bedside;'D) kind of statements from strangers. The best thing about this style is there isn't really much to it! The only 'equipment' you need is some bobby pins, a hair band, some hair spray (optional), a brush and/or some sort of teasing comb (again, optional) and most importantly a hair scarf. Nylon are my favourite to use but feel free to use whatever you have and just fold it appropriately.

This style is great for all kinds of hair problems - roots (as you can see mine, ahah!), dirty hair, old sets, freshly washed hair that just wont style right, dead straight hair, frizzy hair. You name it! You can't really do this style on really short hair though, but mine is just below shoulder length. It's also a perfect do' for work as it's up and out the way, but also still polished and 'done'. It's also pretty weather proof! Haha, can I sell this hair style to you anymore!? :'D

 Step 1: Divide your fringe however you normally like to from the rest of your hair. I section my off in a 'U' shape from each corner of my forehead. Tie the rest of your hair in a high pony tail with a hair band. It doesn't have to be very neat as most edges will get covered with your hair scarf.

 Step 2: Spread your pony tail out around your head evenly and brush it through so it's relatively smooth and even. I have a midi cut so my pony tail is very uneven, but it does the job!

Smooth it around with your hands to ensure there are no gaps.

 Step 3: Now this step isn't completely neccessary and I only just started doing it because I have really thick coarse hair, but it does improve the look and it gives better volume, especially if you have quite fine hair.

 By this point, you will be able to start seeing what shape your beehive will naturally go into, so I normally pull my pony tail tight and closer to my fringe as you'll always want it higher than you initially thought. 

 Step 4: Bring all of your hair to the base of your head, shape then pin. Make sure your hair is pulled right to the sides of your hair almost touching your ears as this will ensure you get a good rounded authentic shape when you add the scarf.

 You shouldn't need too many pins, only 2 or three depending on the length of your hair. If it is longer than mine then I'd recommend doing some flat pin curls with the remaining hair ends once you've pinned it into shape..
 Step 5: Again optional, but I'd suggest a quick spray to lock down fly away's and smooooooooth your bouffant! 

Step 6: Get your chosen scarf and fold it in half then fold the corner to the middle as shown ^^^. Create it as thick or as thin as you like, but it is something you'll want to experiment with and adjust accordingly!

 Step 7: Wrap your scarf around the back of your head ensuring it goes right to the very bottom of your hair line on your neck.

 Tie it in a knot. Make sure you are pulling the knot towards your fringe so see minimal fringe roots. Don't pull too tight either or you'll distort your pretty beehive, but make sure it's tight enough that it wont just slip off your head! ;)
 Make a bow and fluff out the 'ears'. Make the bow as big of as small as you like. I personally like to have my bow 'tails' out but if you don't like them then just tuck them it! The bow should cover where the hair band is!

Have a play with your scarf. I like to pull the sides of mine (as shown) out as I have quite a long face so I feel this flatters my face shape best! I like to have volume at every angle, not just at the top! ;)
Secure your scarf with bobby pins. I like to place two at either side underneath the bow sliding them towards my fringe to make sure the scarf doesn't slide backwards and also one at the back.

Step 8: The fringe! Now this bit is really entirely up to you! I like to change it up all the time. Bumper bangs look amazing with this. A normal side roll (above) also looks good. Several pin curls cascading along one side also looks amazing.

 My personal favourite at the moment has been the sweeping fringe. It's the easiest, but I feel it flatters me the most as gives a real Sixties Siren to the look! For this, I literally just smooth out my fringe across my face and tuck it under the scarf and pin it!

Well... I hope you enjoyed this much over-due hair tutorial! It really is so simple once you get the hang of it! Do tag me on Instagram (@AmberRoseTheron) if you try it as I'd LOVE to see!

All my love,

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