Monday 28 November 2016

What A Palava! (Beatrice Dress)

 Aloha, darlings! Originally Poppy then Bryony&co and now very appropriately Palava.. They really have been through the works when it comes to branding! However, that has not deterred them from being the wonderfully amazing business that they are today. From their unique prints to classic shapes - they really get it spot on. My dress came beautifully packaged in an illustrated paper bag which I thought was a thoughtful nostalgic touch. Every dress also comes with it's very own story book that I absolutely adored. They have paid attention to all the fine details that truly make the Palava experience a wonderfully unique one.

Monday 31 October 2016

Suede & Sun Jellies with Georgia May

Aloha, lovelies! I hope you're all well. Today's post marks the first of many in a series as I will be joining forces with my close friend, sassy singer and blogger Georgia Harrup. We started our friendship a while ago through my facebook support group, Retro Mummies & Pregnant Pinups, where we hit it off from the get-go. Georgia kindly invited me to be an extra in her band's (The Northernettes) music video where we met for the first time. Since then myself and Miss Harrup have spoken pretty much every single day via many many many many voice notes ranting, raving and generally rambling.

We decided that we would make a great blogging duo a little while ago and have been eager to put our heads together and work on something fabulous ever since. We are both mummies to little girls who are a couple of months apart so we are both very familiar with striking up the perfect balance between being practical and looking sassy. We are firm believers in not sacrificing your style just because you're a mother. We both love vintage style, especially the 60's. Though we have many similarities we have our differences too which is why we thought it would be great to start this series. I am tall with long legs whereas Georgia is busty and petite. We both love similar things but we style them differently.

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Bad Girl Style with Vivien Of Holloway

Aloha, peaches! Vivien Of Holloway is one of the most well-known vintage reproduction brands in the UK (and worldwide for that matter!) and they are one of my favourite brands. They get it spot on from the styles to the fit to the patterns. They have something for everyone whether that be a floral number, a novelty print or a single-coloured staple. One of my all time most loved dresses I own is their Lana dress which I reviewed here which is a 1940's autumnal dream.

I was kindly sent some styles by Vivien of Holloway which I was extremely excited to try out. I was sent the Pedal Pushers, the Raglan shirt and the HalterNeck Top. I knew instantly that the Pedal Pushers and the Halterneck top were destined to be paired together as I'm pretty sure they are the same material so they look like a badass jumpsuit. So sassy it hurts! I feel like these three items of clothing are essential for every retro gal's wardrobe as staple pieces. They can all be dressed up or down easily and the Raglan Shirt (which will be featured on my blog very soon!) is the perfect white shirt for any occasion.

Friday 30 September 2016

My September Wishlist 2016

Aloha, peaches! So, if you know me you know that I am a total autumnal gal. I absolutely love it! Last year I did a whole post dedicated to why I love Autumn which you can view here<. It is to date one of my most favourite blog posts because it just sums up this season for me. Nothing beats wrapping up all cozy walking over fallen crunchy leaves whilst sipping a hazelnut hot chocolate or pumpkin spice latte. If that doesn't give you warm fuzzy feelings then I don't know what will! With the new season comes new releases (and some older pieces!) from your favourite brands. Bring on the jewel-tones, faux fur and coats! My fave! Here is a list of all the things I am lusting after this month...

I actually have the matching lace up skirt to this so naturally I need the complete set, amiright?

Monday 26 September 2016

My Top Sassy Smart Suits (ft. Dolly & Dotty)

Aloha, lovelies! Apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. I went to visit my family, then got the flu (thanks Mum!) then got food poisoning so luck has not been on my side! I have just started to feel human again so I am back for some more regular posting. If you want to stay up to date with me and my goings on feel free to follow me on my instagram which is @amberrosetheron as I post there a lot. I have also been busy writing some articles for Vintage Life Magazine which is super exciting. I don't think I announced it on here but I am one of Vintage Life mag's new regular columnists so I will be published in there on a monthly basis which makes me all giddy with excitement! Wheeeeeee!

Anyway, on with today's blog post! I was recently asked by a friend if I knew of any nice suits that she could wear to work that had a retro vibe to them so she still felt herself whilst also looking professional. So, I thought it would make sense to list them all for you here as they can be tricky to find in the retro market. I was very kindly sent a gorgeous skirt suit by Dolly & Dotty who are an affordable UK-based brand who I love which I will also show you on here at the end of the post as I am absolutely in love with it. I am also wearing my gorgeous favourite black heels by Hotter shoes. The most comfortable heels I have ever worn!

Thursday 8 September 2016

The Secret Sadie 3 in 1 Bag by Glamour Bunny Review

Aloha! As a mumma to a young baby I find that I never get a chance to carry a nice handbag myself because I usually just chuck everything in the baby changing bag. So, when a beautiful pink Glamour Bunny box arrived on my door step with one of their amazing 3 in 1 handbags I was over the moon to get some new sassy anti-mum arm-candy. Now, I know what you're thinking - woah woah woah, did she say 3 IN 1 HANDBAG!? Yes, indeed I did. It is basically witchcraft (and some very amazing savvy design work).

Glamour Bunny is one of my favourite brands. It a UK based vintage-inspired clothing & accessory company. They make the ultimate bombshell dresses with genius design and shapes to flatter any body type. The quality is just superb and customer service is amazing which is something that is really important to me.

Thursday 1 September 2016

OOTD: Safari Sass (ft. Hell Bunny)

Aloha lovelies! We have been having some absolutely gorgeous weather here in the UK recently so I have been trawling my wardrobe for all of my crop tops and shorts to make the most of this boiling hot (by UK standards!) sunshine! If you have been following me on social media for a while you will know that I am a massive fan of matching two pieces. I just think they are so versatile and can be mixed up and changed whenever you want something a little different. When Hell Bunny first released their SS16 collection I was so impressed by the variety of new unique prints. The one that stood out to me the most was definitely the Safari print. I had never seen anything like it before which can be a rarity in the reproduction market. It is the perfect balance between novelty and chic. The print feels a lot more authentic than a lot of other 'different' prints I have seen before as they have kept the colour scheme pretty neutral and almost 'understated' which I love.